As an academically trained artist, the emotions and thoughts of the ages are, at all times present in my mind and hence in the pieces that I paint. A flow of time; past, present and future give attention to those who have been, are, and will be. The importance of craft executed in a masterful way is inherent to expressing the emotional and psychological depth that lives within each piece, so as to speak of the struggles and joy in the fight for dignity that all encounter.

I hope to express the profundity of existence and the awareness of every human that has ever been. I feel deeply the reality and beauty of life and death and the value of all.

Time rotates on a wheel of “simulation” with ages passing, humanity creating and all dissolving again into time, never ending.

Jennifer Elizabeth is a classically trained figurative artist. She uses allegory and symbolism in most all of her work. She was raised in New England and the Western United States, studying art at an early age.